Let us Sing with Joy

By Agnes Kioskli

Music is very much a part of my life ever since I was a little girl. If I don’t sing, I play the piano or whatever musical instrument I have in the house. 

I sing when I am happy, sad or worried or I play the piano or a guitar.

As a CCD teacher, I always tell my students to sing especially during mass because singing is also praying. God enjoys listening to angelic voices like yours and mine. 

Yes my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, our voices in the church is music to Jesus’s ears.

And if, for any reason you are not gifted with a good voice, sing anyway because God is surely pleased with our voices. After all He was the one who gave it to us.

Another thing we can do, is to volunteer our  time by joining the choir or by playing the piano to accompany the singing group.

Either way we serve God and our parish community using our God given talents with love and joy.