Message at Fatima Prayer and Repentance

By Agnes Kioskli

‚ÄčWhat would I have done if I was one of the three children whom the Blessed Mother appeared to at Fatima? My answer is, " I do not know ."

My brothers and sisters, our Blessed Mother was asked to assume in faith a responsibility that God wouldn't ask any of us. She was full of grace that's why she was chosen to be the mother of His only begotten Son Jesus.

Mary had a special role in our salvation. Her apparition at Fatima to Francisco, Lucia and Jacinta, is to convey a message to the world for the people to pray and repent! 

If we look around, there are so many things going on in the world around us which we cannot understand. It is because, people have forgotten to pray and also have forgotten to make amends for their sins.

Prayer feeds our relationship with God. Humility is acceptance of our frailties before God. These two important elements go hand in hand. One cannot go without the other!

I never let a day pass without prayer in my day to day routine. You know why? Because prayers connects me with God and without God in my life, everything will have no meaning ! When we connect with God He feeds us with abundant grace to understand things we couldn't  understand . The Holy Spirit enlightens our way of thinking, talking etc.

Every First Friday of the month, I make sure I go to confession or I can just kneel down and ask the priest to bless me if needed. Confession is very much needed in our life, because it is a sacrament of healing! It heals and purifies our soul. It makes us shine before God because we are purified after a humble confession.

Prayer is a special tool that brings us closer to God! Humility is the crown of all virtues. As we humble ourselves in confession, and it also drives Satan away from us because the graces we receive after confession strengthens us in our daily battle with temptations! Doing these spiritual acts of love can bring us happiness and peace.