" I Thirst "

By Agnes Kioskli


When I was growing up, my mom and dad made sure that the whole family went to mass every Sunday and during Holidays of obligation.

As a little girl, I vividly remembered, how much I longed to receive Holy Communion with them, when they start to prepare to form a line I would stand up too, but I was always told to stay in the pew.

One Sunday, we arrived early in church, and I was restless.  When I saw the priest going to the sacristy,  I asked permission from my parents if I can leave the pew for a moment.

For some reason, in my heart, I felt like,  talking to the priest in the sacristy, so I followed him.  When he saw me, he asked " what can I do for you little child?" I was also caught off guard and said to him: Father, "I have money to  put in the collection box, but I would like to give this to you instead, as long as you allow me to receive Holy Communion!"

The priest, looking at me sternly with his arms crossed in front of him, responded: " who is with you today?" Upon hearing this, I ran back to the pew shaking, where my parents were seated. I was so scared, and praying that he would not tell mom and dad what I said to him, that even when I dropped the collection money my hands were trembling !

After the mass, the priest came to us, and at this time, I almost fainted! Actually, he only asked mom and dad how old I was! My parents were both looking at me while answering him: " Father, Agnes, is only 6 years old.". Then the priest replied: " Can you bring her to the rectory next Saturday around 9:00A.M. ? I can give her catechism so that she can join the parochial school for First Communion next year!"

When I heard what he said, I smiled and said, "Oh really Father? ". My parents accepted the invitation and I started my private catechism the following week from the priest.

Time went by, and my longing and thirst for God was quenched when at the age of 7 I received Jesus for the first time!

I considered everything that happened as God's way of making me stronger in my faith. And I realized now, how much I thirst for God that time when I wanted to receive Jesus at a young age, and how the Holy Spirit has always guided me all along.

As for myself, I am who I am today, because God has given me wonderful parents whose examples were so clear on how they value their faith. I learned my prayers from them. In reality, they were my first catechism teachers before the priest.  At the same time, I responded from my heart an invitation from God to get to know Him, so He can live within me and I in Him which I so longed for as a little girl.

This same priest, Fr. Green, also became my Spiritual Director for 20 years. God used him so I can answer His personal invitation to receive Him in the Eucharist.