The Treasure Chest

Nemsy Gubatan

For most of us we have inherited a treasure chest. The treasure chest I am talking about is the Catholic Church. Born as a Catholic, I took this treasure chest for granted. 

As a young lad, I did not know its real value and worth. So at times I would whine about going to mass on Sundays. I would tell my mom that the masses were too long and boring. Why? Because I did not know the hidden treasure in the treasure chest. I did not know that the hidden treasure in the treasure chest was Jesus, the Son of God.

As I slowly matured spiritually, things changed. Eventually, I got to know Jesus through the challenges and trials each day would bring. In the end, I came to the beautiful conclusion that Jesus, the Son of God was on my side. Nonetheless, I still had a modicum of insecurity and lack of confidence. I really wanted to place all my bets on Jesus whenever I was faced with a Goliath of a problem.

This reminds me of the leper in Luke 5, where against all odds, ignoring the shouts of the crowds because he was unclean and an outcast, he braved the crowds and ran to meet Jesus on the road. Placing all his bets in Jesus, he prostrated himself on the ground, addressed Jesus as Lord, and begged Him for healing.

To his surprise, Jesus touched him, although lepers are not to be touched because they could be contaminated and declared unclean. As a result, Jesus could be excommunicated from the temple. To his amazement, the leper heard Jesus say, “I want to heal you, go, you are clean.” And the man was instantly healed. The leper was victorious, as we would say, “victory in Jesus.” 

This affirms the words of St. John the apostle who said, “Who is victor over the world? It is the one who believes that Jesus is Lord, that he is the Son of God.”

Looking back, I remember a tumultuous time in my life when I faced a seemingly insurmountable situation. It was about my deportation. In spite of the odds against me I decided to place all my bets in Jesus. Gingerly, I unloaded my fears and trepidation on the Lord, then I fell silent. I did not feel any human touch like the leper did, but I simply heard in my heart a soft and gentle voice saying, “Do not worry, I will take care of your problem.” 

After this gentle assurance, a deep sense of peace came over me. I stopped worrying. Why? Because when you say, “I love you Lord,” it is the beginning of everything beautiful. That’s why I’m still around here, not back in the Philippines, because love unlocks doors that were not even there before. Again, as we say, victory in Jesus.

Now more than ever, I appreciate the treasure chest handed on to me by my parents and the Catholic Church. Even more significant, I also truly appreciate the treasure in the treasure chest who is Christ the Lord. That’s why as a Christian, I firmly believe that true wealth is not measured by what we materially own or possess, but by the firm conviction that we belong to Jesus, we are His, and we are children of God. Glory and praise to Christ Jesus, our Lord! 



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 Love is just such a game changer for sure and it will pervade the universe in due time. It is such a positive force beyond the boundaries of the whole universe. So how do you then try to utilize this powerful force of the universe to change the conditions of our world?

Simply by the grace of God try to know the nature of this force,later to discover that the nature of this for is ... BEYOND MEASURE.  

Heavenly Admonitions

by Agnes Kioskli

"Behave like Jesus. Always answer with love and the power of truth."   Pope Francis

Powerful admonition by a humble and spiritual Pope. Truly  a man of God, a man in love with God.

To be like Jesus, and to live love and truth is an honorable calling. A vocation. Knowing this truth should make us happy.


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"Love is unselfishly choosing for another's highest good."   C.S. Lewis

Looking after our brothers and sisters in need  and  their spiritual well being  are fundamental to our inner  joy  and   happiness.

Nonetheless, we must always begin with  our family and love ones. From there we can reach out to others. This attitude of charity can bring us peace and happiness.

My Lenten Journey

By Agnes M. Kioskli

It seems to me that we just celebrated Christmas yesterday!

And now  I am  walking with Jesus in the desert.

I was taught that during Lenten Season,  we offer sacrifices, prayers , alms giving etc. to God to accompany His Son Jesus during these forty days.

I started my Lenten Journey, by going to confession.  I go to the doctor when I am sick! Likewise, I also need my spiritual healing so I can restore my relationship with God, by going to confession. After my spiritual cleansing, then I am ready to  walk with Jesus and perform special acts of offering , starting with little things.

Yes, and I would do these things with joyful heart filled with joy and love.

My favorite St. Therese of the Little Flower started with little offerings with so much love for God; and because of her little ways, God has showered her with abundant blessings and love. Therefore:

By attending daily mass, and the reception of the sacred Body and Blood of Christ,  is the highest form of prayer I can offer to God, because it is during this time when I can really feel the presence of God in my life.

Loving my neighbors as I love myself,  though it is hard to do, is something that I can practice each day and offer it to God. Or even just offering a prayer to those I do not like much!

You and I can also follow Christ in our own ways by offering even the littlest things that we do each day for God. A smile, a comforting word,  can make a difference in someone's life most especially to God whose love for us is beyond measure. Whatever we do to the least of our brethren, we do it unto Him!

May we all have a blessed Lenten Journey and grace-filled heart full of of joy and love.

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