The Garabandal Miracle  (Part I)

By Nemsy Gubatan

The Garabandal Miracle happened in Garabandal, Spain, in 1961 where a series of appearances by an angel, and later by the Mother of God, to four young girls, ages 11 and 12 happened. Our Lady seem to remind the world of her previous prophecies or warnings which the world seem to ignore. Because this miracle is somewhat contemporary and has been encouraged by Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Padre Pio, the whole of Europe has been put on notice as to the precarious nature of the stability of nations in the coming years. Since we in the USA are in alliance with Europe, we too need to keep in pace with what is happening in Europe. 

Our purpose is not to scare anyone, but simply to keep us alert as to the relevancy of these messages to what is happening in the world today. Based on my research, within 15 to 20 years, dramatic world events will unfold before our very eyes. When I say dramatic, it is something that the world has never seen before. I will share my personal conclusions with you in this exciting series. So first, let me lay out the events, the prophecy of Our Blessed Mother, and then share my understanding of how I think the prophecy of Our Lady will unfold. As a kind of humble, personal intuition, keep in mind the year 2033, which is only 15 years away. I hope to see the year 2033, God willing; but then I would have reached a very ripe age. Don’t ask me why, but I think I will still be around ... only to see the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the world, which Our Lady promised at Fatima. She knows that I really desire to see her Immaculate Heart triumph before I return to Abba, our Father. For most of you, you will see this glorious triumph, if you prepare yourself beforehand. Ave Maria!!!


So let us start. Garabandal is a small village resting on the beautiful foothills of a small mountain in Spain. It is about 295 miles west of Lourdes and about 270 miles north of Madrid. The apparitions started in 1961 in the small village where around 300 residents live in 70 roughly built stone houses located at the base of the mountain. The only access to the village is a 3.5 mile dirt road cut into the side of the mountain. Garabandal is one of the poorest villages in the area, but was the most religious Catholic community in the region.

Before dark, a woman would go around the village ringing a bell to summon the people to pray the rosary in the small village church. There was no assigned Pastor for the church, but a priest from a nearby town would say the mass for the people on Sundays and also hear confessions. Farming and raising cattle was the main occupation of the villagers.

In June 1961, around 8 pm, four young girls, Conchita, Jacinta, Mari Loli, and Mari Cruz decided to pick some apples from the schoolmaster’s tree to assuage their hunger. While nibbling on the apple they suddenly heard the sound of thunder. They were somewhat surprised observing that the sky was clear. Suddenly, Conchita looked up to the heavens and fell into a trance or ecstasy. Moments later, the other 3 girls also went into a trance. They described what they saw: “In a brilliant light stood an angel who looked like a 9 year old boy with large rose colored wings. His long blue tunic seemed a piece of the sky. Beneath his feet was a sign with a message in a language that they did not understand. The angel did not say a word, but simply vanished.”

The young girls not knowing what to do, simply ran to the village church to pray and to compose themselves. There they were praying, laughing and crying at the same time as only young innocent girls can do.


We shall pause here, recognizing how fortunate these girls are for having encountered the supernatural. I would say they were chosen, handpicked ... for a purpose. Meditate on their simple life, their childlike faith, and their abandonment to what is, to what is in front of them. Eastern gurus call this mindfulness, which is the opposite of “multi-tasking” where people eat, watch TV, glance at their cellphones and fix their hair. Perhaps it is just better to taste and savor the food, and look at the smiling face in front of you to enjoy the friendship. Be mindful of what is in front of you, and be mindful of your heart.

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Our Father Breaks His Silence

(Part III)

By Nemsy Gubatan

Now we are coming to the final words of God the Father, our Abba and Dad, as related to Mother Eugenia Ravasio’s mystical experiences. Take these loving words of God as his parting words to us. Note how eager Abba is to hear from us and to interact with us, in order to bring us hope and peace. Abba said:

“I want you to be witnesses of my infinite and merciful love. I want to open up my heart to you were all mankind can quench their thirst. I have let this spring gush forth and make it pass through my Son’s heart to reach you. If you wish to test the power of this spring, first learn to know me better and to love me to the extent I desire, not only as a Father, but as your Friend and Confidant.

My Son Jesus is in me and I am in him, in our interchanging love which is the Holy Spirit, who keeps us united in this bond of love to make us one. So come to me through my Son, and once you are close to me, confide your desires to me. When you know me, your thirst will be quenched, you will be revived, your ills will be cured, and your fears will vanish. Your joy will be great and your love will feel secure than it has ever been before.

But if you really want this spring of water to give you all you need to know and love me, and if you feel cold and indifferent, call me by the sweet name of Father, and I will come to you.

As I desire to be known by all of you, so that you can enjoy my goodness and tenderness, make yourselves apostles to those who still do not know me, and I will bless your toils and efforts, preparing great glory for you with me in eternity.

For now, I will repeat my promise, which will last forever: All those who call me by the name of Father, even if only once, will not perish, but will be sure of their eternal life among the chosen ones.”

This promise seem at the outset too good to be true. However, note that to sincerely call on the Father from the depth of our hearts, which connotes a personal knowing and intimate bonding, has to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. When this happens, it is through the power of the Holy Spirit that we are spiritually connected to Abba, our Dad. In addition, once we have acknowledged our acceptance of the Father’s reign in our life, he will not allow the devil to snatch us away from him. God is all powerful, he can protect us and make this happen.

Right after this magnificent promise from Abba, he assures us of his gratuitous reward for those who answer his call by saying:

“And to you who will work for my glory and commit yourselves to making me known, honored and loved, I give the assurance that your reward will be great, because I will count everything, even the smallest effort you make, and I will reward you a hundredfold in eternity.

Until the (three) Persons (of the Holy Trinity) are honored by a special devotion in the Church, there will be something lacking in this society. Now my hour has come. Come, come closer to me; you have every right to approach your Father. Open your hearts, pray to my Son that he may help you know even better my goodness towards you.

Note that God the Father invites us to pray to Jesus to help us know him better. This reminds me of the moment, while I was in prayer, when Jesus pointed to the Father, and encouraged me to have a close and personal relationship with Abba. At first blush, I was surprised. I knew that praying to Jesus was also praying to the Father. Still, later, I realized that although they are one, they are not one and the same. There is a kind of unique spiritual joy and euphoria derived in our relationship with Abba. There is this natural hunger for a Father’s love. That’s why Abba said to Mother Eugenia: “I will lighten their burden and sweeten their hard life. I will inebriate them with my Fatherly love, to make them happy in time and eternity.”

Subsequently, the Father continued, by addressing the clergy. He said:

“And you my beloved sons, priests and monks, I exhort you to make known this fatherly love that I have for men, and for you in particular. You must work so that my will may be accomplished in all men and in you. It is that I should be known, honored and loved.

If there is something that I desire above all now, it is simply to see more fervor on the part of the just, a smooth path for the conversion of sinners, sincere and persevering conversion, and the return of the prodigal sons to their Father’s house. Make yourselves apostles of my fatherly goodness and, because of the zeal I will give you, you will be strong and powerful in your work among souls.

With regards to the means of honoring me as I desire, all I ask of you is great confidence. Do not think I want austerities or mortifications. I do not want you to walk barefoot or to lay your faces in the dust, or to cover yourselves with ashes. No, No! My dearest wish is that you behave as my children, simply trusting in me ... and to show my sole desire; to love you and be loved in return by you.

Yes, you are my children and you must tell me that I am your Father. But trust in me as children do, because without this trust, you will not be truly free. Compared with this freedom, all earthly joys are nothing. Raise yourselves to the dignity of children of God and learn how to respect your own greatness.


Finally, you know that I can do everything because of my power. Well, I am offering this power to all of you, to use now and for all eternity. I will always show myself to be your Father, provided that you show yourself to be my children. I am the holiness of which I possess the perfect and full expression. I offer you this holiness, of which I am the author, through my Holy Spirit, and I instill it in your souls through my Son’s merits. It is through my Son and the Holy Spirit that I am coming to you, and it is in you that I seek my repose.

I will show myself to be the Father of all those who are abandoned, the outcasts of every human society. I will show myself as a Father to the afflicted, the sick, and above all to those who are in agony. You will feel my goodness and protection, you will see my power. My fatherly and divine blessing on everyone. Amen.”

This ends our three part series on the Father’s lament and wishes. Hopefully we will assimilate this messages and put it into practice. In some direct way it invites us to give some tender and loving attention to God our Father. Perhaps we have taken Abba’s love and desires for granted. Perhaps we have never been aware of it. Perhaps we have been too cozy in our spiritual comfort zone. Perhaps no one has ever mentioned this divine longing of Dad, our heavenly Father for intimacy. But now we have been awakened by his openness, transparency and lovesickness.

How I wish I had known this in my younger days. Those days when I needed most an earthly father’s love. But thanks be to God, Jesus, my Lord and Savior, took upon himself to take care of my physical and emotional needs. And when the time was ripe, the Son of God pointed to Abba as my heavenly Father. What a perfect gift; my spiritual journey will be much more pleasant and enjoyable. Suddenly, the words I hear during the liturgy, as intoned by the priest: “Through him (Jesus), and with him, and in him, O God, almighty Father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is yours, forever and ever. Amen.”

Our Father Breaks His Silence (Part II)

By Nemsy Gubatan

We continue our meditation on the visitation and appearance of Abba, God Our Father, to the holy nun Mother Eugenia Ravasio. Her superiors in the Congregation of Our Lady of the Apostles has recognized her capability of practicing virtue to a heroic degree. In addition, she was also awarded by the French government the highest national honor for social work, the “Couronne Civique” award.

God the Father’s initial request (Part I), was made clear to Mother Eugenia when he said, “No one has yet understood the infinite desire of my divine, paternal heart, is to be known, loved, and honored by all men, the just and the sinful.” Then Abba added, “I would like you to spend your free time with me, so that you can console me and love me for half an hour each day. In this way you can be well disposed to spread this devotion which I have just revealed to you.” I purposely repeated this signature request of Abba in this segment so that it will remain in our hearts and minds permanently.

In this Part II of our series, we move on to meditate on the additional benevolent and affectionate words of God our Father. Note that I sometimes add Abba or Dad to emphasize the close familiarity the Father wants us to develop in relating to him. So here’s the continuation of Abba’s loving messages. He said:


“If a mother loves the little being I gave her, I love him more than she does, because I created him. I told you that I want you to enjoy eternal happiness even here on earth, but you still have not understood the real meaning of what I said. It is this: If you love me and call me by the sweet name of Father (Abba or Dad), you will begin to live, here and now, in the love and the trust which will make you happy in eternity and which you will sing in heaven in the company of the elect. Is this not a foretaste of the happiness of heaven, which will last forever?

I would like to see great trust established between man and his heavenly Father, a true spirit of familiarity and delicacy at the same time. I know your needs, your desires, and everything in your hearts. But how happy and grateful I would be if I saw you coming to me and confiding in me your needs, like a son who has total trust in his father.”

To establish the proper spiritual connection, God invites us to call him Father (Abba or Dad). After all, he created us in his image and likeness. After all he is in charge of everything and is the final arbiter of life itself. He is the infinite fullness of what is good, beautiful and true. He is the point of reference of a child and the apex of final maturation of adulthood. So why then can we not be totally dependent on him and confide all our needs to him in total trust?

Setting this aside for a moment, Abba reveals more of himself saying:

“Do not think of me as that frightening old man whom men depict in their pictures and books. No, no, I am neither younger nor older than my Son and my Holy Spirit. Because of this, I would like everybody, from the youngest to the oldest, to call me by the familiar name of Father and friend. How great would be my joy to see parents teaching their children to address me often by the name of Father (Abba) as indeed I am. I would like to make my home in every family, as in my domain, so that all can say with absolute assurance: We have a Father who is infinitely good, infinitely rich and greatly merciful. He will give us everything we need if we ask him.

I make myself little with the little ones, I make myself an adult with adults, and the same with the elderly, so that all may comprehend what I wish to tell them for their sanctification and my glory. I want to protect the young people as a tender Father. There is so much evil in the world. These poor, inexperienced souls are letting themselves be seduced by the attraction of vice, which little by little, leads to total ruin. Take refuge close, very close to me, confide in me your thoughts and your desires. I will love you tenderly. I will give you graces for the present and bless your future. Come! I see that you greatly need a gentle and infinitely good Father.”

So these are the loving words of Abba, our Dad, as he exposes his longing and lovesick heart to us his children. That’s why Jesus said to the holy nun and mystic Mary of the Trinity: “The Father created you to give you the Son, who redeemed you to give you to the Father, and to the Holy Spirit who transforms your soul.” This mystical display of infinite love I often refer to as the perfect circle love. At times I call it the perfect circle of the family of God. This beautiful reality and image of our personal connection with God gives me indescribable joy.

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Our Father Beaks His Silence

By Nemsy Gubatan

Mother Eugenia Ravasio (September 1907 – August 1990), an Italian Mother General of the Congregation of Our Lady of the Apostles, was known as a visionary and a mystic of the Catholic Church. In her 12 years of missionary work in the remotest part of Africa, Asia, and Europe, she was able to open over 70 centers with infirmary, school, and church. It was she who discovered the first medicine for the cure of leprosy extracting it from the seed of a tropical plant. In fact she opened the “Leper’s City” in the Ivory Coast of Africa. Today it remains as the world’s leading center of its kind.

Her most important legacy is her account of her private revelation or apparition of God the Father. She shares this series of messages from God the Father, or Abba, in her published mini book, “The Father Speaks to His Children.” This mini book was approved by Cardinal Petrus Van Lierde, Vicar General for the Vatican City State, citing that the messages in the manuscript contain nothing against faith and morals.


The revelations of  God the Father to Mother Eugenia are not really new to us. It is simply a transparent and deep expression of Abba’s love for us and what he wants us to do for him. For me, I am so moved by the Father’s genuine affection for us as our Dad. It seem obvious that he wants us to love him back deeply in return.


For our purposes, I will simply cite what I think is so profound and meaningful. And since the manuscript has many parts, I will simply address these series of messages as Part I, Part II, etc. By the way, as an aside, I honestly cannot recall how I got hold of this mini book. I don’t remember ordering it or procuring it – but it was in my mailbox. However, for the purpose of inviting you to get hold of this mini book, there is a phone number at the back page: 816-942-9783. You will never regret reading this amazing mini book. Right now, I have finished reading the book a second time. I will continue to read it again as Dad, Abba, reminds me.

In a rather simple way, our Father, Abba, Dad, summarized his affection and purpose for manifesting himself to us. Here’s a cluster of his messages.

“I am coming to banish the excessive fear that my creatures have of me, and to show them that my joy lies in being known and loved by my children. I am coming to bring hope to men and nations. How many have long since lost it. This hope will make them live in peace and security, working for their salvation."

“I am coming to make myself known just as I am, so that mankind’s trust may increase together with their love for me, their Father. I have but one concern, to watch over and love my children."

“I feel the greatest happiness in being with my children and talking to them, like a father with his children. Who is God? God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Who requested him (Son) to come among men? It was I, His Father. Who is he (Son) to represent on earth? It is I, his Father. What is he (Son) to do on earth? He will make the Father, known and loved."

“Did he (Son) not say: “I must be about my Father’s business. I have come only to do the will of my Father. Whoever see me, sees the Father. I am in the Father and the Father is in me.”

“Most people fail to grasp the essential thing, that love was the guiding principle in all this. Yes, it is love. This is what I want to impress upon you. Now this love has been forgotten. I want to remind you of it, so that you can learn to know me (Abba) as I am, so that you will not be like slaves, afraid of a Father who loves you so much. Oh, how my paternal love has been forgotten by mankind, yet I love them so tenderly."


“Is it possible that, having called me your Father, and having shown you my love, you could find in me such a hard and insensitive heart? No, no, do not believe it. I am the best of Fathers. I know my creature’s weaknesses. Come to me, come with confidence and love. I will forgive you after you repent. Even if your sins were as repulsive as mud, your confidence and your love will make me forget them. You must come to me, I am so close to you. You must love me and honor me, so that you will be judged with infinitely merciful love.”

“Now that I have shown you that my Son Jesus represents me among men, and that through him, I live constantly among you, I want to show you that I come among you through my Holy Spirit. The work of this third Person of my divinity is carried out silently and often mankind is not aware of it.”

“No one has yet understood the INFINITE DESIRE of my divine, paternal heart is TO BE KNOWN, LOVED, AND HONORED by all people. These are the three gifts that I wish to receive in homage from mankind so that I may be merciful to all, even towards the most hardened sinners. I have not yet received this SPECIAL VENERATION which I have so much hoped for and which I DESIRE SO MUCH.”

“I will be much grateful to you, assuring you eternal life, if you will do me the small favor of honoring me as I requested. I recognize that you honor me in my Son. You certainly honor me because I live in my Son. However, I would like to see mankind honoring his Father and Creator with a SPECIAL DEVOTION. The more you honor me, the more you will honor my Son.”

“IF YOU COME TO KNOW ME, YOU WILL LOVE ME AND MY BELOVED SON, MORE THAN YOU DO NOW. My hour has come. I must be known, loved and honored by all, so that I can be their loving Father, Abba, and the object of their eternal delight. Remember, I am a very good Father, not a fearsome one, and the Father of all those living now and those whom I shall create until the end of the world.”

“Call me by the name of Father, Abba (meaning Dad), and you will receive much favor from me. I WOULD LIKE YOU TO SPEND YOUR FREE TIME WITH ME, SO THAT YOU CAN CONSOLE ME AND LOVE ME FOR HALF AN HOUR EACH DAY. In this way you can be well disposed TO SPREAD THIS DEVOTION which I have just revealed to you. Remember, I can see my children’s needs, their toils and desires, and my greatest happiness lies in helping and guiding them.”

This is Part I, which gives us plenty of loving thoughts to meditate and contemplate on. It likewise gives us tremendous hope and confidence in the Father’s personal interest in each one of us. As our Dad, he teaches us with intimacy and draws us closer to himself. Although Jesus has pointed to the Father to invite us to bond with him, now it is Abba, our Dad, who beckons us to draw closer to him. This invitation makes my heart sing. It feels like loving Jesus twice. All for love of you most Holy Trinity!!!

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Previous  Issues

Spiritual Awakening 

By Nemsy Gubatan

Once in a lifetime people experience something that would change their lives forever. It actually comes after a series of setbacks, followed by small victories. As they string this small victories together they begin to see a patterns that touches their hearts and soul. This cumulative positive changes can result in an uplifting spiritual awakening. Take the case of Mike Gill who wrote the book, “How Starbucks Saved My Life.” Here’s his story.

He was born into luxury and graduated from Yale University. Unfortunately, Mike was unfaithful to his wife and disgraced his four children. He had an affair with a psychiatrist and had a son by her. Later she left him, and the next thing Mike knew, he was fired from his job. Since he had squandered his money and was now sixty four years old, he started looking for work.

One morning, he went to Starbucks for a cup of coffee. Crystal, the young manager thought he was looking for work, and since it was hiring week, she offered Mike a job. He took the job and began to learn the intricacies of making an array of different specialty coffee and serving them to ordinary people. He also learned the Starbucks’ philosophy that every customer is called a Guest, and that every employee is a Partner. With this in mind, every Guest and every Partner must be treated with respect and dignity. This was quite a revelation for Mike.

Along this line, he also learned employees must make eye contact and conversation with every customer. After some time, Mike got to know the customers by name, which they in turn fondly called him Mike. Soon he began to value precious moments of truly human interaction. For him this was a major switch in attitude towards other people. As a consequence, he realized that serving people was not a job, but a way of life. However the most important thing Mike found out was a new meaning in life, which gave him a new source of joy.

In addition, he also learned the importance of recognition and appreciation. Why? Because at Starbucks they were trained to recognize unselfish good works. They were trained to catch people doing good and appreciate them – rather than catch them making unintentional mistakes. Either way, Mike felt good when he appreciated others, and when he was recognized for a job well done.

So for Mike, this new experience was like a beautiful spiritual awakening. He wrote: “Crystal and my Partners at Starbucks had given me a chance to work, and live, and see things in a new way. I had been a control freak. I had loved ordering people to work overtime, or change a headline, or even bring me a cup of coffee. I had been a real bad boss. It was time to be a real good Partner. I had traded my pin-striped suit for a green apron, a Master of the Universe costume for something that said: ‘I was there to serve, not to rule.”’

Mike’s brand new spiritual experience eventually reconciled him with his wife and children. They were truly amazed to see him serving coffee to street people, enjoying it while affectionately greeted everyone. Most of all they were astounded by his happiness. This wholesome image renewed their love and respect for the “old man”. So what can we glean from Mike’s spiritual adventure?

First, we must realize that what really matters is a healthy and faithful relationship with God, family, and neighbor. This can be achieved by treating everyone with respect and dignity.

Second, we can recognize and appreciate the good things other people do. Try to catch them doing good, and then tell them right away. Don’t wait till the next day.

Third, learn that life is not about controlling people, but about giving them opportunity for human interaction, so that in the process we can determine ways to be of service to them. As Mike would often say: “I was there to serve, not to rule.” In conclusion, let us therefore be grateful for “second chances” in life, so we can serve and appreciate others, be the best person we can be, and do it all for the honor and glory of God.

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The Talent

By Nemsy Gubatan

Warren Buffet is regarded as the guru of investors. Today he has a net worth of about 62 billion dollars and is sought for by high ranking officials for his economic advice. Although an agnostic, his economic principles are in line with Gospel precepts. He is known for not carrying a cell phone or having a computer in his desk. He thinks independently and avoids being influenced by Wall Street or any popular financial trends. In short he has his own approach to investment.

Buffet first principle is: Don’t bury your money. Don’t hide it under a pillow. Instead invest it, trade it, or deposit it in a bank to gain interest. Don’t let it sit idle. Does this sound familiar?

In one of Jesus’ parables, the Master of the house severely scolded his servant who buried the one talent (one gold coin) he was given. However, the other servants who invested the talents entrusted to them were highly praised and rewarded by the Master. Why? Because the Master expected something in return. In the business world, we would call this ROI, or return on investment. The Master expected the servants to put to good use the talents given to them and grow it.


Most people today are born with natural gifts or God-given talents. Some are born with artistic abilities, good looks, or intelligence; like Buffet who was born with a knack for numbers and business. Others are born with deep faith, compassion, and charity. Like Mother Teresa of Calcutta who was a spiritual genius who saw Jesus in the poorest of the poor. What if Mother Teresa did not use her gift of compassion and deep faith? Then the poor, the lepers, the orphans of India would not have experienced God’s love and comfort in the person of Mother Teresa. Perhaps the greatest tragedy would be for someone to face the Master at the end of life and give an account of his God-given gifts or talents saying: “I did nothing with the talents you gave me; I did not put it to good use.”

Buffet’s second principle is: When you invest in something, look at its intrinsic value, not its market value. In other words, don’t invest in a company based on the stock market price. Instead research the true value of the company by knowing its product, its management, its workers, and its ethics. Know the company well in and out. Then make your investment decision. In the same way, Jesus’ teachings and parables boils down to knowing and assessing the intrinsic value of a person.

Remember the story of the woman caught in adultery; the crowd was ready to stone her because they saw no value in her because she was a sinner. But Jesus saw something in her which the crowd did not see. He saw her infinite worth. He saw the great potential of a redeemed and transformed sinner. In the end, Jesus would invest his entire life and his sacrifice on the cross for poor sinners. He would intentionally invest his whole life for you and for me.

Buffet’s third principle is: Be charitable and help others who are in need. His many charitable foundations is well known among philanthropist. In fact he was credited for having made the largest charitable donation in history in the amount of thirty billion dollars. An article about this described him as follows:

“Despite his wealth, Buffet does not measure success by dollars. In 2006, he pledged to give away almost his entire fortune to charities, primarily the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He’s adamant about not funding monuments to himself; no Warren Buffet buildings or halls. He says, ‘I know people who have a lot of money, and they get testimonial dinners and hospital wings named after them. But the truth is that nobody in the world loves them. When you get to my age, you’ll measure your success in life by how many of the people you want to have love you, actually do love you. That’s the ultimate test of how you’ve lived your life.”

For me, I would like to add my own simple investment principles.

First, invest in meaningful relationships. Why? Because it will sustain you in good times and in bad times. Foremost, invest in your relationship with God. Give it attention and significance. Avoid any kind of ho-hum, lukewarm, mediocre, and shallow relationship with Him. Instead invest in a sincere and intense relationship with God. With this kind of deep and meaningful relationship, then it would be easier to invest in your relationship with your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. When you do this, happiness is just around the corner.

Second, invest in good works and spiritual works of mercy. Have some kind of ministry to the poor, the sick, and the elderly. Also consider a ministry to bring young people to a knowledge and love of God. Doing this you will develop a sense of wholeness and peace.

Thirdly, invest in daily prayer and worship. Without prayers we are like nomads roaming in the desert without any sense of direction. Without prayers we are helpless and hopeless in facing the world of vanity, violence, and vitriol. But with prayers, we are animated by the spirit of goodness, beauty and truth. With prayers we are embraced in God’s love and presence. With prayers we can experience inner peace and joy.



Know  Thyself

By Nemsy Gubatan

St. Teresa of Avila once said: “Without self-knowledge spiritual growth is not possible.” This is a gem of a spiritual advice. For those who try to attain spiritual awakening and radical change this is an eye opener. However, even our saintly and courageous souls sometime misjudge themselves.

Remember St. Peter, “the rock”, he thought he knew himself pretty well. In fact he was bragging to Jesus that he would be willing to die for him anytime and anywhere. Unfortunately, when Jesus was arrested and brought to trial, Peter lied about knowing Jesus when a lowly servant accused him of being a disciple of Jesus. You know the rest of the story, Peter betrayed Jesus three times. Later on, acknowledging his weakness, Peter wept, and sincerely repented of his sin profusely.                                   

How about St. Paul? He wrote to his followers in Rome saying: “I cannot even understand my own actions. I do not do what I want to do, but I do what I hate. What happens is that I do, not the good I want to do, but the evil, which I do not intend to do.” Clearly, the honest St. Paul knows his weaknesses and his dilemma. Good for him, at least he understands his flaws and human nature.

In my younger days, when I was in college, I did not know myself too well either. I discovered that I did poorly in subjects that I thought I would excel in; and did well in subjects that I thought I would fail. These and many other discoveries simply pointed to my lack of knowledge about myself.

 So let’s briefly examine ourselves so that we can be the best person we can be in the eyes of God, at the same time asking Him for assistance.


1. Do I know my weaknesses and strengths? Take your time. Perhaps a close friend can help.

2. How do I handle criticism, failure, and success? Perhaps a close sibling can assist.

3. Am I aware of my obsessions, vanities, and hot buttons? Maybe a love one can help.

4. How big is my ego? Am I a habitual braggart? Because of this, do I try to control other people? Perhaps a close acquaintance and co-worker can lend a hand.

5. Do I cling to my past hurts? Have I forgiven those who were involved? Perhaps a self-examination asking the Holy Spirit for enlightenment can be a benefit.

6. Finally, how important is God in my life? Do I feel that I need Him? Do I have to be personally involved with Him? Perhaps an honest reflection is appropriate. Take more time in discerning this.

Without a doubt, self-examination is an important process. However, we must also accept our uniqueness. We are all different in the way we speak, think, and solve problems. Indeed, we have all been endowed with our own peculiar gifts and handicaps. Aware of this, we must be brave and not fear the challenges we face in trying to be the best person we can be for the honor and glory of God.

So here’s a metaphor to ponder upon.

There’s this mouse who was afraid of the cat. Fortunately, a magician took pity on the mouse and turned it into a cat.


But then the cat saw a dog and was afraid of it. Again in kindness, the magician turned the cat into a dog. However, later that day, the dog saw a tiger, and the dog was afraid of the tiger.

Fortunately, once again, the magician in pity, turned the dog into a tiger. Now feeling strong and confident, the tiger roamed the jungle but then saw the hunter. Instinctively, the tiger was afraid of the hunter, so once again the tiger sought the magician.

Now the magician, looking sadly at the pleading tiger, threw his hands up in the air, and with a wave of his hands turned the tiger back into a mouse. Then he said: “There is nothing else I can do for you my friend, because you have the heart of a mouse.”

How about you, do you have the heart of a mouse? Are you constantly afraid of facing the challenges of life? Are you afraid of a relationship with God, or even falling in love with God? Are you not aware that you were made in His image and likeness? Do you not know that you are a son or daughter of God? That you should not live your life as though you have the heart of a mouse. You are a child of God. You can face the future without fear. You can untangle the most complex oddities of life. You can live in total trust in God’s love and benevolence. When you believe this, and live in God’s Divine Providence, then you are free to live a life of peace, love, joy, and boldness. 


Abba's  Delight

​​By Nem​sy Gubatan

Some theologians believe that the New Testament verse, John 3:16, is the center of the scriptures. It talks about the love and generosity of God the Father expressed in this way; “Yes, God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.” Here, the Father lovingly gives his only Son to the world for its redemption. Subsequently, the Son sacrifices his own life to accomplish this purpose. So the generous love of the Father and the Son made it possible for us to inherit the Kingdome of God, or heaven.


In my life, it was Jesus’ love that I first encountered. This was manifest through my conversion experience in San Francisco. It was the result of a powerful divine intervention when the good Lord saved me from being deported back to the Philippines. I have never seen such a powerful intervention by Jesus.

As I have previously narrated, the Lord Jesus hinted that it was now time for me to know the Father, Abba in a personal loving way; to call Him Abba or Dad. He reminded me that my earthly father who had passed away many years ago has neglected to show me a father’s love and attention. And Jesus was right. So it was time for me to experience the love of my heavenly Father, after all Jesus said in Matthew 11:27; “Everything has been given to me by my Father. No one knows the Son but the Father; and no one knows the Father but the Son; and anyone whom the Son wishes to reveal.”

At the time I was convinced that Jesus wanted to reveal the Father to me in a personal way. To this urging, I opened my heart, and savored the words of Jesus in John 16:27; “The Father already love you, because you have loved me, and have believed that I come from God.” For me, this was indeed a giveaway. Because I loved the Son of God, my heavenly Father delights in loving me; all I needed was to love Abba, Dad, back. To bring home my point, listen to this modern parable.

Little Johnnie loved his dad so much, and his dad loved him beyond his comprehension. Around 6 pm each day, Johnnie knew that his dad would be coming home from work. Therefore, as early as 5 pm, he would play and hang around the living room, so he would be the first one to greet his dad. Then at 6 pm when the door opens, little Johnnie runs as fast as he could to his father, screaming; “Daddy, daddy, daddy!" At that point, Johnnie would embrace his dad’s legs as tight as he could crying out; “Daddy take me home, take me home!”

Of course Johnnie was already home, but what was his intention? Well, what he really wanted was that his Dad would pick him up, carry him in his strong, loving arms, and take him inside the house.” Get it? Little Johnnie’s desire and longing is that his Dad would pick him up. Ah, to be carried in the arms of a loving Father, for Johnnie that was heavenly. That was unspeakable joy. But you know what? His Dad also delights in picking up little Johnnie. Why? Because it reinforces his fatherhood. He is happy to be a father, to be a loving Dad. So God the Father, Abba, our Dad, delights in picking us up when we run towards Him like a little child. 

St. Therese of Lisieux, the little flower, loves this image a lot; her running to Abba’s arms like a little child, and being picked up by Him. Abba, Dad, wants to display his tender fatherhood. During this encounter, there is perfect giving and receiving of pure love. Usually in this posture, all fear fades away. When this happens we find inner peace and perfect joy.

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From the Tomb He Rose

By Nemsy Gubatan

As Christians we know that Jesus rose from the dead, and we commemorate this holy event on Easter Sunday. Our scripture tells us that more than 500 people saw the risen Lord (1 Cor 15). After Jesus’ resurrection he did not go straight to heaven, instead he stayed awhile, for 50 days appearing many times to his friends and disciples. Why? To give them hope, inspire them, and motivate them to accomplish their mission.


Still, today, many do not believe in the resurrection. But here’s what Charles Colson who was involved with Nixon’s Watergate scandal says about the resurrection, and I paraphrase.

“I know the resurrection is a fact, and Watergate proved it to me. How? Because 11 of the apostles, testified they had seen Jesus raised from the dead, then they boldly proclaimed that truth for 40 long years, never once denying it. They were beaten, tortured, stoned and put in prison. They would not have endured that if it weren’t true. They were willing to die for the truth of the resurrection.

However, Watergate embroiled 11 of the most powerful men in the world, and they couldn’t keep a lie for three weeks. Their cover up did not work. So don’t tell me that 11 apostles could keep a lie for 40 long years? That’s impossible.”

So the reality of the resurrection is the most significant event in human history. It changes the face of death for all believers. Death is no longer a prison, but a doorway into heaven and into God’s presence. And when the risen Jesus appeared to the apostles in the Upper Room, he said to them, “Look at my wounds, it is I. Touch me, touch my wounds.” Jesus could not bear their loneliness, their waning faith, and their moving into a kind of lukewarm love. He was going to set their hearts on fire again. Why? To prepare them for their purpose in life which is to image Jesus in their lives and to teach them the truth of salvation. In this way, Jesus becomes alive in this world. As St. Paul said: “It is no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me.”

One time Mother Teresa was invited to speak to a big crowd in Washington, DC. Her message was simple but profound, that Jesus is the way, truth, life. However, when she told them, “Jesus loves you”, the people were deeply touched. Many became teary eyed. It was as if Jesus was speaking through her, they saw Jesus alive in her. Therefore, this is part of our mission, to reflect Jesus alive in us.

Remember, when we are dealing with awkward and difficult situation, silently pray: “Lord Jesus come to life in me, come to life in me now.” Doing this will bring us confidence, inner peace, and joy.

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Book  Knowledge

By  Nemsy  Gubatan

In the Old Testament we find the religious leaders in the time of Jesus were quite knowledgeable of the Torah or Jewish scriptures, yet they were so intent in killing Jesus. It appears that they read the holy book but did not assimilate its spiritual meaning or touched their hearts. Why? Because they were jealous of Jesus’ popularity and his healing powers. Obviously, despite their in-depth knowledge of religion, it did not guarantee their acting in a humane and spiritual way. That’s why Pope Benedict XVI once said:

“By itself studying theology doesn’t make a person better. It helps to make him better when he doesn’t pursue it just as a theory, but tries to get a better understanding of himself, and of man, and of the world as a whole, in what he reads and then tries to appropriate it as a form of life. But in itself, theology is primarily an intellectual occupation, above all when it is pursued with scholarly rigor and seriousness. It can have repercussions on one’s attitude as a human being, but it doesn’t necessarily make man better, as such.”

Wow! This proves the axiom that knowing about Jesus is different from knowing Jesus in a personal way. To encounter Jesus during moments of loneliness and insecurity, and being consoled and strengthened by him becomes an unforgettable experience. It becomes a personal encounter. Also, experiencing Jesus in a life or death situation and coming out on the other side alive and healed, makes him loveable and believable. This kind of knowing Jesus in an intimate way is forever etched in our hearts. It can be the beginning of a lifetime relationship. With this kind of close relationship with Jesus we can face life with inner peace and joy.



Spiritual  Blindness

By Dcn. Nemsy Gubatan

Spiritual blindness is not often a big topic of discussion. Most often people with 20/20 vision would not relish discussing spiritual blindness. Why? Because they are happy with just having a good eyesight. However, we know that spiritual blindness is the worst kind of blindness, which is a kind of deep darkness in the soul and a pathetic ignorance of Jesus Christ.

When I was working at Kennedy Space Center, I use to buy potato chips from a blind man tending the small store. Since he could not see, I would simply hand him the money, which he politely took, and then if I needed some change, he would pull out a basket which was filled with coins. He was kind and courteous, and appeared to be content. I often wondered how it was like to be blind, or even to be deaf and blind like Helen Keller.

She was born in Alabama in 1880. When she was 2 years old, a serious illness caused her to lose her sight and hearing, which made her unruly. As she would later write, “All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming.” Fortunately, when she was 7, she met her teacher, Anne Sullivan, a graduate of Perkins school for the blind, who taught her how to read and write in Braille. Pretty soon, Helen was able to connect words with objects. For example as she touched a flower, her teacher would spell this out in her hands.

Then at the age of 13 she was able to perfect her speech. She often said; “The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision.” What a profound statement; truly a sign of maturation and spiritual insight coming from a blind and deaf person.

Then at 16 she entered Radcliffe College and graduated with honors in 1904. In her writings she would point out, “Life is exciting business and most exciting when it is lived for others. Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.” This faith she was referring to was her total abandonment to God’s holy will. Obviously, Helen although physically blind, had very sharp spiritual eyes.

As we said previously, spiritual blindness is the worst kind of blindness. Are there spiritually blind people today?

One day, as I was watching the news, I heard this influential women address the US Congress saying that abortion was a constitutional right, and that the government should pay for it.

Somewhat upset I said to myself, but intended for her; “Constitutional right, my foot! Why should I pay for the killing of a child for the convenience of the irresponsible mother? How blind can you be?” Of course I was referring to her spiritual blindness.

Then there was the study made about people who were addicted to digital screens; like cellphone screens, I-Pad screen, TV screens; where they become so engrossed in this digital world that they lose their spiritual insight and foresight. Consequently, if you ask them about Jesus, the Son of God, some would say that he is simply irrelevant and obsolete, like Moses.


Again, somewhat upset I would say to myself but intended for them; “Historical figure my foot! Did you not know that there are more than 2 billion Christians around the world who believe that Jesus is alive? That he animates, motivates, and guides them in their decisions to make this world a better place? That without Jesus, the world would have no vision, no purpose or meaning in life. How can people be so spiritually blind?

Then I remembered that in the days of Helen Keller, it was Christians who reached out to disabled and handicapped people providing them with trained dogs, help them find jobs, and educate them using the Braille method of reading. Obviously, without Christianity, how dark and blind this world would be. Indeed, how happy are we and those who are not spiritually blind. We know that Jesus Christ, is the way, the truth, and the life. And because of this we can shine and illuminate the darkness of the world to give sight to the blind saying to the Lord ... “All for love of you Jesus, all for love of you.”

Please check out Fulton Sheens beautiful prayer in the "Small Talk with God" website page.

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Repent and Believe in the Gospel

By Dcn. Nemsy Gubatan

As we enter the season of Lent there is a sense of urgency for repentance. Why? Because the world seem to be cluttered with so much horrific killings and violence. Just today in Parkland, Florida, a former student of Marjory Douglas High School shot and killed 17 people. Clearly then, without repentance the spiral of violence will remain unabated.

That’s why when we receive ashes on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday, we hear the words; Repent and believe in the Gospel. But in order to repent we need focus, solitude, and some kind of slowing down.

So a greater part of Lent is slowing down. Perhaps like a Toyota that accelerates to 80 MPH, we need to shift the gears to neutral, so although the engine is running, the gears are not engaged, and the car slows down by itself. Yes, we need to disengage from the busyness of this world and take time to examine ourselves and have a sense of what’s really going on in our lives. After all we might be heading the wrong direction and not even know it.

Like what happened to Joe Stack, a software engineer from Austin, Texas who was so miserable and angry at the IRS thinking he was treated unfairly. He was so angry and miserable that he burned his house down, then boarded his single engine airplane, and crashed it into the building where the IRS employees worked. This incident reminded people of the 9/11 terrorist attack. Obviously, Joe failed to slow down and examine his life and spiritual condition. He was always on the fast track. No wonder Plato said, “The unexamined life if not worth living.” Also, Joe was not aware of what most psychiatrist say; all mental illness proceeds from some form of chosen loneliness. Amazing, loneliness is a big factor of mental illness.

So Lent is a time for self-examination and self-knowledge. After all St. Teresa of Avila said, “Without self-knowledge spiritual growth is not possible.” We need to know our shades of loneliness, our miseries, our sins, and bring them all to our merciful God for healing. Hopefully, this will lead us to repentance. That is why Jesus said, “If you do not repent, you will perish.” Consequently then, repentance means healing, and healing means peace and inner joy.

Repent then, and believe in the Gospel. Approach our good Lord in confession, and obtain His mercy, forgiveness, and strength. Then you will find consolation, companionship, and happiness. 


The Conversation

By Deacon Nemsy Gubatan

One time I was in the mood for solitude and reflection. So I decided to simply spend some time in the quiet of the early morning dawn alone in my room. First thing I did was to invoke the presence of God and simply speak to him. Of course this was not unusual for I have done this before. Getting to know God and to converse with him would always fill me with joy and inner peace. However, this particular morning I was a little bit more daring in my conversation and so I asked the good Lord in a childlike way for a personal favor and also inquire about his very nature and character.

The exchange was in the medium of mental prayer, reflection, and some intermittent vocal utterance on my part. There were no audible responses from God. It was all in the realm of a loving heart to heart exchange. In this mode, there was a sense of trust, transparency, and total acceptance of one another. When God spoke it was simply a flash of deep insight spoken in my heart. Without trying to be precise, but simply capturing the essence of the conversation that day, this is what came up in my conversation with Abba, God the Father.

Nemsy: “Abba, Dad, Jesus your only Son told me to call you Abba or Dad. I love it. And Jesus told me to get to know you better in a personal way to deepen my spirituality. So here I am, hoping to get to know more.”

Abba: Silence.

Nemsy: “You know that my earthly father died many years ago, so I would appreciate it if you can fill his place. I never really felt the love of my earthly father, although I have longed for it so much. So when Jesus told me that I can come to you as my father, I got excited. So here I am Dad, asking you to be my father. Will you be my father?”

Abba: “Yes, I would delight in it.”

Nemsy: “Wow! Thank you dad. I am so happy. I am happy that you sent your only Son to redeem me and then to point to you as my Father. No wonder he taught us the “Our Father” to introduce you to us as our father. Jesus also told us that you Father, and Jesus are one; that if I loved your only begotten Son, it would please you. Also, if I loved you Dad, Jesus would be delighted. Wow! I am surrounded by love. I am so happy.”

Abba: Silence

Nemsy: “I know Dad that you are love. And that you have no beginning and no end. Therefore love has no beginning and no end. But the concept of “no beginning and no end” is hard for me to understand. Can you help me?”

Abba: “You will not understand it because you are finite. When you pass from this world to the next then you will understand. But love is infinite, therefore focus on love and you will understand better the answer to your question. Love will also reveal the very nature and character of the Godhead.”

Nemsy: “Thank you Dad, I will try to focus on love.”

Abba: “Yes, focus on love and you will be happy.”

At the Last Supper Jesus said: “I am in the Father and you are in me, and I am in you.” Obviously, this statement invites us to a spiritual union with Jesus and the Father. Most of us are cognizant of Jesus, but not as much with the Father. So start bonding with the Father, and when asking for grace or favor remember what Jesus said: “Ask the Father in my name.” Along this line, perhaps start the prayer with: “Abba, Dad, in the name of your beloved Son, Jesus, please help me to come to know you in a personal way and to come closer to you each day.” Doing this simple prayer will bring you much joy and happiness. Not only that, new revelations of the Father will follow. I personally found this very exciting.




By Deacon Nemsy

Still a brand New Year. Still a good time to hone our spiritual awareness, and a deeper concept of pure love. Yes, a love that is pure.

At the Last Supper, Jesus opened the eyes of the apostles to a deeper concept of love. He said to them: “I am in the Father and the Father is in me.” Here, Jesus points to the unified, pure, and mystical love between him and the Father. This love between the Father and Jesus makes them one. It is not about knowledge, intelligence, or power that makes them one – it is their pure, intense, and infinite love for one another that unites them. And so it is with us, we too are invited to enter into this divine, pure love.

Note the word pure. In heaven only pure love resides therein. So if we are impure, we cannot enter heaven. If we die with an impure mind, heart or soul, then we will have a stopover – Purgatory. And we know that in purgatory there will be cleansing and purgation. This purgation is not a picnic. It is miserable, painful, and difficult. That’s why we need to pray for purity and strive for purity. We must carefully choose what we see, what we hear, and what we do. Likewise we must be careful of what we say, and what we think. At all times we must aspire for a pure mind, a pure heart, and a pure soul.

Television can be a challenge, so is lewd entertainment and the sullied secular media. Even shady books and magazines can disturb a person’s spiritual equilibrium. Office chatter can likewise be a trap for impure conversations. Immodest dress or attire, especially among women, and some men, can ignite impurity in the minds of others. Impurity is around us initiated and scattered by the Evil One. Satan is invisible, so we do not see his invisible hand manipulating the minds of people. We need to be spiritually awake. So listen to the words of some wise and saintly men who extol purity.

“Purity is a precious jewel, and the owner of a precious stone would never dream of making a display of his riches in the presence of thieves.” - St. John Bosco

“It might be said that society speaks through the clothing it wears. Through its clothing it reveals its secret aspirations and uses it, at least in part, to build or destroy its future. We have to prefer the spiritual welfare of any neighbor to our bodily comforts. If a certain kind of dress constitutes a grave and proximate occasion of sin, and endangers the salvation of your soul and others, it is your duty to give it up.” - Pope Pius XII

“We must practice modesty not only in our looks, but also in our whole deportment, and particularly in our dress, our walk, our conversation, and all similar actions.” - St. Alphonsus Liguori

If we live a simple, modest, and chaste life, we can live happier lives.



The Unexamined Life

 ​​​By Deacon Nemsy

Happy New Year!!! This time of the year usually connotes new opportunities for new beginnings and new spiritual blossoming. It is also a good time to let go of the stigma of the past year and start with a fresh examination of the direction of our life. Why? Because Plato said: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” But for us Christians this examine is centered in our true and deep relationship with God. Everything that happens in our life flows from this relationship

Relationship with God is either shallow or deep, mediocre or outstanding, ho-hum or profound, personal or superficial. And you have heard me quote before from the book of Revelation God’s warning to the church of Laodicea:

“I know your deeds; I know you are neither hot nor cold. How I wish you were one or the other – hot or cold. But because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. You keep saying, “I am so rich and secure that I want for nothing.” Little do you realize how wretched you are, how pitiable and poor, how blind and naked!” (Rev. 3:16)

So the culprit, the demise, the downfall ... is lukewarmness. God hates lukewarmness. That’s why He says: “I will spit you out of my mouth.” Just like if you ask someone you love so profoundly and so dearly, “Do you love me?” And he/she says, “I don’t know. I am so busy, I really don’t care.”

Wow!!! What a slap in the face. What a spit on the face.

Case in point. Someone came to me asking for prayer for a successful neck surgery. She said the surgery was somewhat complicated. So we talked a little bit more. Without my asking her, she confided to me that one of my sermons on love changed her outlook in life. She said:

“I used to be very casual and lukewarm about Jesus. The mass, the Eucharist did not mean much to me. I had a humdrum and shallow relationship with God. Interiorly, I was not happy and secure. I had that sickening fear of the future, and I was restless. Now I am no longer lukewarm with God, thanks to your admonition. Now I am seriously attached in a loving way to Jesus. I affectionately think of Him most of the time. So this coming surgery, I have lovingly surrendered to Him. I am at peace, but I still need prayers.” Before we parted, I prayed over her and gave her a blessing.

So this coming year let us examine our connection and bonding with the Lord. Let us focus on deepening our unique loving partnership with the God of the universe. No more lukewarm love of the Lord. After all, He made us for Himself, He made us for intimacy, He made us for heaven. Pursuing this goal will bring us much joy and happiness.


 Love is just such a game changer for sure and it will pervade the universe in due time. It is such a positive force beyond the boundaries of the whole universe. So how do you then try to utilize this powerful force of the universe to change the conditions of our world?

Simply by the grace of God try to know the nature of this force,later to discover that the nature of this for is ... BEYOND MEASURE.  

Heavenly Admonitions

by Agnes Kioskli

"Behave like Jesus. Always answer with love and the power of truth."   Pope Francis

Powerful admonition by a humble and spiritual Pope. Truly  a man of God, a man in love with God.

To be like Jesus, and to live love and truth is an honorable calling. A vocation. Knowing this truth should make us happy.


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"Love is unselfishly choosing for another's highest good."   C.S. Lewis

Looking after our brothers and sisters in need  and  their spiritual well being  are fundamental to our inner  joy  and   happiness.

Nonetheless, we must always begin with  our family and love ones. From there we can reach out to others. This attitude of charity can bring us peace and happiness.

My Lenten Journey

By Agnes M. Kioskli

It seems to me that we just celebrated Christmas yesterday!

And now  I am  walking with Jesus in the desert.

I was taught that during Lenten Season,  we offer sacrifices, prayers , alms giving etc. to God to accompany His Son Jesus during these forty days.

I started my Lenten Journey, by going to confession.  I go to the doctor when I am sick! Likewise, I also need my spiritual healing so I can restore my relationship with God, by going to confession. After my spiritual cleansing, then I am ready to  walk with Jesus and perform special acts of offering , starting with little things.

Yes, and I would do these things with joyful heart filled with joy and love.

My favorite St. Therese of the Little Flower started with little offerings with so much love for God; and because of her little ways, God has showered her with abundant blessings and love. Therefore:

By attending daily mass, and the reception of the sacred Body and Blood of Christ,  is the highest form of prayer I can offer to God, because it is during this time when I can really feel the presence of God in my life.

Loving my neighbors as I love myself,  though it is hard to do, is something that I can practice each day and offer it to God. Or even just offering a prayer to those I do not like much!

You and I can also follow Christ in our own ways by offering even the littlest things that we do each day for God. A smile, a comforting word,  can make a difference in someone's life most especially to God whose love for us is beyond measure. Whatever we do to the least of our brethren, we do it unto Him!

May we all have a blessed Lenten Journey and grace-filled heart full of of joy and love.

Note: Be sure to open "Seal it With a Smile" as shown above and Prayer of Petition