Peace Love and Thanksgiving

By Agnes Marie

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and Peace.

If only we can focus our mind, heart and soul to God every minute of our life,  this true peace and love.

Surely, we don’t turn our backs on others but if we have God in our heart, we can do anything our heart desire.

On the Imitation of Christ, by Thomas Kempis,  he said, we should have simplicity of heart in order to enjoy peace. I truly agree on this. because humility and simplicity of heart conquers all!

We find peace when we humble ourselves in confession . Yes God forgives so we too must forgive in order to have peace.

I have peace even in times of turmoil and that’s because, in my sufferings I become face to face with God. This is when I truly feel the love of God for me. This is when I surrender everything to God who I love and who in turn loves me more.

We shouldn’t be rattled when turmoils or sufferings visits us. This should not disturb my peace because suffering is purification. It purifies our soul and spirit. God Himself suffered and was exalted by God the Father. 

Part of our sufferings is overcoming our vice however, once we perfect things the way God wants it, we are the ones who profit from it because we have peace with God and ourselves.

We have to die to ourself and only cherish being in communion with God. 

It is hard to have a change of heart but it can be done. God will give us the grace to accomplish anything as long as we allow ourselves to be always in the grace of God.

Each day, I set aside a moment of silence, just to savor the peace and quite that only God can give to me. Each day, I look forward to be in front of the Blessed Sacrament where I can hear the soft voice of God whispering in my ears “I love you.” 

Brothers and Sisters, God loves you all too. All you have to do is love Him in your own simple ways.

We are celebrating Thanksgiving, time to thank God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us.

As for me, everyday is thanksgiving. When I go to mass and receive Jesus , this is thanksgiving! This is where my overflowing peace and love is coming from!

Mass is thanksgiving and it is the highest act of thanksgiving I can give to God and to everyone dear to me.

Love and prayer to all across to world !