Mass After Vatican II

by Agnes Marie

Celebrating mass toward the wall is still allowed because It was the original way masses were celebrated at the past in the catholic church or because it is part of the original tradition of the Catholic Church.

However, it depends on  the ordinary bishop or everything is up to the Ordinary Bishops to establish the locals “liturgical and pastoral guidelines” specifically the way priests celebrate mass and especially for the good of the faithful people.

I think the way priests celebrate mass is not just up to them... there has been many changes after Vat. II which means mentality and the way we do things in the church. About liturgy and pastoral practices, the Catholic Church has made very good progress going forward by the years and always for the good of the community.

For me at this point when as Catholic Church, we are having many challenges to give answers to many questions. When we need to be outdated everyday because we live in a changing and demanding world. Then where is the enrichment we got until now with Vatican II? Liturgically and pastorally ?

Only Priest celebrate Masses, but priests represent Jesus “surrounded” by his disciples... in other words, Priests are surrounded by people of faith that we serve in Jesus’ stile...

I wonder and worry at this point of the church history, about the pastoral impact in our faithful people the way mass is celebrated... first Priests are building community everyday...beginning from celebrating Jesus or celebrating the Eucharist with the community. It is not only trying to go back to the old tradition like finding refuge there from all our fears and not facing reality that is toward people where Jesus really is. Jesus is in people's  faces and not simply against the wall. According to the Liturgy the Eucharist is the center of the community of faith, so it is Jesus in the meddle and surrounded by people.

Therefore, this is the mentality of our faithful people today that  the priests, have to highly respect. Priest acting alone doesn’t not represent the Church, and people acting alone doesn’t represent the Church.