Simple Prayer of Petition

Lord Jesus, joy of my heart, you know that I love you

You know that you own me and that I belong to you

That I give my heart and my life to you without restrain

Because you are the love of my life

And without you my heart is empty

Because you are the Bridegroom of my soul

Fill me with a deep hunger and thirst for you

Because you are my one and only

The flower and fragrance of my soul

Therefore hide me within your wounds

And enclose me in the warmth of your embrace

To never let me go, and never taste a moment without you

Because I love you, and so lovesick for you

That I cannot breathe without you

Helpless when separated from you

And I cannot do anything apart from you

But simply to sigh: "I need you Lord, I  love you!"

And so if you are so inclined dear Jesus

Please help me and bless me with this favor (here mention)


Then say one each:  Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

(Prayer rendered by Dcn. Nemsy)