Where Sin Abound

By Nemsy Gubatan

There are places and cities around the world known for their vanity, vulgarism, violent crimes, lack of discipline, gambling and even prostitution. In Europe they call these places the “red light district”. For now, we shall call them “sin cities”.

Not too long ago, Forbes magazine published a report about what it calls “sin cities” in America. It is based on the seven deadly sins: avarice, envy, gluttony, lust, sloth, pride and wrath. So here they are:

First: America’s greediest city is San Jose, California, the Silicon Valley, where the place is littered with big homes and mansions; and where most of the people there are super rich. Google, Apple, and other big electronic corporations have their headquarters there.

Second: The most envious city is Memphis, Tennessee, where there are 6,700 burglaries and 34,000 larcenies committed annually.

Third: The most obese city or gluttonous city is Memphis, Tennessee, again ... where 65% of the people are obese, eating big meals, and loving fried and oily food.

Fourth: The most lustful city in America is Denver, Colorado, where contraceptive is used the most ... at least 278% more than the average city.

Fifth: The laziest city, or the most slothful city is Memphis, Tennessee, again ... where people are the most sedentary, not prone to exercise, with the fewest parks and outdoor recreation facilities/gyms. As a result, 65% of the people are overweight. Here, residents average 41 hours watching TV per week, or almost 6 hours per day.

Sixth: America’s vainest city or egoistic city is Salt Lake City, Utah, where they have 45 plastic surgeons, and increasing in numbers ... as they are trained in Utah’s School of Medicine. So if you want to go facelift shopping, the best place to go is Salt Lake City.

Seventh: The most wrathful or murderous city in America is Detroit, Michigan where with a population of less than a million, they have 418 murders, 21,400 violent crimes, 13,100 aggravated assaults and 600 forcible rapes annually.

So there you are, the modern sin cities in America. In the days of Abraham, the two big sin cities where Sodom and Gomorrah which were destroyed by God with fire and brimstone. The point of this historical event is the great need for “sinful people” to repent and be converted, or return back to God. Note also, that sin, if not recognized and addressed early, can destroy an individual, a city, or a nation.

On a personal basis, we all need to examine ourselves and look into any area of our lives that we think need repentance and reconciliation with God ... in this way we can avoid the consequence of a non-repentant heart. Most important, we should always trust the words of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who said: “Sinners shall find in my heart the source and infinite ocean of mercy, so that tepid souls can become fervent as they place their trust in me.”